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~C*H*A*R*M*A*I*N*E~'s Journal
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Date:2003-03-04 23:22

Emotional Wreck. You are extremely emotional. You
feel contentment moreso than happiness and your
emotional lows are to the extreme. You need to
cheer up and start enjoying your life. Where
there is rain there is a rainbow and you need
to see it more than others. Do something that
makes you happy.

How Emotional Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Date:2002-12-17 17:48

i realise i havent posted any entries for the past one month plus. HAHAHA!!!!! i have so many things to say but at the same time dunno where to start from.

well, i think the most important thing that i have to tell all of you is that i am really happy to be home again. although i may have alot of fun in Perth but its darn good to be home. Seeing yeepin, bubu, peepee,suzy, audrey, tenrence, henry, benson, hongchuan etc again was such a blast!!!!!

shall start updating from when i just came back.
Mai was here for a few days and i was busy bringing her around... went to Paul Van Dyke@Zouk. It was a good set but it kind of died off slowly and became quite sucky. but its all good fun!!!!

Oh!!!!! and went to Kelly's concert!!!!! I knew it wont be as good as her HK performance but was still abit disappointed with the stage and effects. Her vocals were strong and had definitely improved throughout the years. Thought her brother was rather good too, dunno why those people had to go toilet during that 15 minutes he was on stage. SO RUDE! It was a good concert anyway.

KTV@everyone sing on SUnday was fantabulous!!!!!!! PP's gf had such a nice voice, powerful yet soothing. You go girl!!!!! Oh i just love going to KTV with all of you....
Sorry for not adding you earlier COWIEEEEEE!!!!!!!! when i went onto the page aiyOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo so many pple using LJ!!!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!! even XUELI!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha good good.....

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Date:2002-12-17 17:46

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Abumi!
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless... =)

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Date:2002-11-11 21:53

tomolo is my first and last exam.

marketing communications
aiyooooooo im so nervous for it whenever i start reading my notes my heart beats v fast and i have to go toilet and u know wat.

arghhhhhhhh cant wait for it to end. 15 hours more.
must force in whatever i can into my puny brain.

then i will have to start packing up my room and move my stuff to my new house. Its at east perth! only 5 minutes from the city... very very good!!!!

smacky wacky green fishies
smileys smileys smileys
oh and a new one..... white flower...........


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Date:2002-11-03 23:02

haben been updating for donkey years....
haf got too much to write and no time
one more essay due tomolo and i am sloggin through it right now.
will update more as soon as im done with it.

love u all lotssssss

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Date:2002-10-23 18:08
Subject:one down

my solo presentation is overrrrrrrrrr!!!!
aiyooooo i dun mind grp presentations loh but hate solo ones...
and worse thing is the other 2 girls who were supposed to present didnt come so left me alone to entertain the class...
then as usual when asians present the class dun ask questions which is very bad cos i need to encourage class participation!
aiyah but whatever lah, quite an awkward situation but who cares, in the end i answer my own question.


now i have to finish up my 10 page script....
its gonna be a long night tonight.....

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Date:2002-10-22 19:26

have decided.

going to ministry of sound.

got tickets at $30 instead of the original $55. connections connections...

but first of all i must get all my assignments out of the waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date:2002-10-19 01:43
Subject:decisions decisions decisions

decision making time.

should i go to ministry of sound???????????
if i dun go i will never haf the chance to go to it in singapore cos its banned.
but if i go...... i will haf to spend alot of money!!!!!!! which i already did this month.... and i just went to Godskitchen last week...


but i like rave parties!
and i love ferry corsten!

sigh... shouldnt haf gone to armin van buuran and i wun haf to think so much for M.O.S.

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Date:2002-10-14 20:24
Mood: lazy

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
armin van buuran was sooooooooooooooooo goooooooood!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! on friday night was godskitchen at metro city. my first rave party. woooohh...the ravers were phwooaahhh.... school girls ravers, angels ravers, fairies ravers and all the misc kinds who dressed up for the rave party. wah eyeopening man. the music was so so at first but after armin van buuran came on the whole atmosphere was sooooo different. 95% of the crowd were high. and everything that happened seem to be such a blurred vision now. hahahaha. hmmmmm.... it was great fun but my hangover was terrible.... thank god the party was on a friday and i had 2 days to R&R - rest and recover. had bodyache over the weekend and i just felt so terrible...... but it was a damn good experience. everyone should go for a rave at least once in their lifetime. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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Date:2002-10-09 17:44

bloody hell. the bill for my car repairs came up to $1400 instead of the original $800. what the hell?? the boss told me it was originally $2k so he had already done his best to help me save money now that it has come up to $1400. then why he say its $800 initially? AIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! YINGYINGTATING!!!!!! i really haf the urge to hor, after collecting my car just sell it away straight away wahlaooooooo eh...damn troublesome man. but of cos i know i wont cos the amount of freedom attached to littol red is too much for me to let go. ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.

Looking forward very much to rave party on friday at metro city. HEEHEE!!!!!!

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Date:2002-10-07 18:51
Subject:my one week uni break

frankly speaking, the trip to margaret river wasn't as interesting as i thought it would be. many times we were mislead by travel brochures. the chocolate factory wasnt a factory at all. it was just a small little place where they sold the factory's chocolate. i was expecting a full on procsess of how chocolate was made step by step. but no. they jumped str8 to the final part - selling their merchendises. The same went to the cheese fatory, Palandri winery and Berry farm. Sigh. All they though of was making money.However, what made the trip fun was the company. It was a trip suggested by Eric cos it was his birthday and he wanted it to be different and since Darwin was here from Melbourne and Meng from SIngapore he thought it might be fun to bring them down south. Ive always thought Ian's idea of not driving down south was silly. I mean, how dirty can u get right??? but i was so very wrong man. The car was sooooooooooooo dirty with millions of dead insects on his front grill and bumper. there was also a snake scratch on his boot. We cant remove it but it was obvious its a snake cos of the way it surves and the shape of the scales that was scratched onto the boot cover. Its kinda funny when u look at all the 3 cars travelling together, 2 bmws one so modified and another modified honda. so erm...hw to say...unnatural. Because all the cars we saw driving south r usually 4 wheel drives or mini buses like a trajet or tarago. the cosy chalet we stayed over for both nights were nice and warm. but it was the bed that felt rather eerie. its like the bed u see in those horro movies. huge bed but with lacey curtains coming down from the ceiling. yeeeeeew. the chalet had a hydrotherapy spa pool aloocated to every single chalet, because we paid so much for it we had to fully utilise it. we went into the spa like 4 times over both nights nothing to do? - spa. the city of Margaret River is so puney its like you walk from lido to cineleisure, and i am not exaggerating. the best thing abt my holiday was we ended it with an Ecstaticly Exciting housE party at Ian's house. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the heart warming phone call from my dearest Yeepin Darling.

Sigh, after this one week break i really got to work heard and concentrate on my assignments. Just realised ive got so much to do and semester is already ending sooon!!!! HEEEEEEEEELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date:2002-10-01 00:49

Everybody!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
the previous entry wasnt done by yours truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aiyooooooooo YEEPIN!!!!!!!! YOU LIKE DAT PEOPLE THINK I VERY BUAY HIAO BAI!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha put up so many pics abt myself and telling everybody to get to know me better........ aiyOOOO!!!!!!!

but i kinda like it... KEKEKEKEKE
thanks anyway YEEPIN! =0)
but pls dun shock me lidat again.... hahahahhaa esp the first pic... my GOD!

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Date:2002-10-01 00:35
Subject:All about me
Mood: accomplished

For those who do not know much about me, i want to let you know more about myself! Through these photos that i have uploaded

I always want to let people know my ugly side...

And my most beloved person on earth... where i took in albany

My darling bobo ball

my bubor abumi tepanyaki

all these pics are in courtesy from the most handsome gorgeous greatest yubin

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Date:2002-09-30 04:17

Within my temple,
there's a crowd,
one that's humble, one that's proud, one that's broken-hearted for his sins,
one unrepentant who sits and grins.
From much corroding care would I be free,
if once I could determine who is me.

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Date:2002-09-30 00:53
Subject:roller coasters and a stripper

Personally, I really don't think I know Joseph that well to be invited to his 21st birthday and receiving a TIGHT hug from him after i wished him happy birthday. Gosh... his bday bash was soooooooooo soooooooooo cool man, i tot i was in an american teen flick. there were like a hundred cars parked outside his hse and half of them were rex-es (hate rex-es think they r damn ugly loh), a hundred people in that house blasting with music, full of cigarette smoke and endless supply of beer. blokes were pissed and there was a spit fire - a lamb hung over a fire u just turn n turn until the whole lamb is nicely roasted. and the highlight of the party was there was a stripper hired just for him! WOOHOO!!! i had the best view cos i happened to stand right in front (not on purpose ok??? )well the stripper was great. she had a nice firm ass, lean toned body and a brazillian wax. Wah the guys were all screaming 'SHAVEN HAVEN!!!' to her. she had fake boobs cos its freaking obvious. nipples were pointing at different directions and they were not bouncing as she danced.quite weird lah. it was a full on session of rubbing, teasing, hot wax, sparklers, biting, fondling and body lotion. *orgasmic yelp*

went to the Perth Royal SHow twice. spend a bomb man. aiyoooo ps: YP you will be so proud of me cos i sat roller coaster twice! i even went upside down! heehee... its like a giant fun fair (almost liek the UK fun fair u get in spore) but they also haf got like free food tasting, eg new ice cream flavours for u to taste ,new agriculture prdts lalaala. it was fun! first time went on friday with my friends and the 2nd time went with meng who came over from spore. i won a unicorn at the water squirting game booth! woo!!!!


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Date:2002-09-27 15:22
Subject:weird combo

i realise that the group of friends i have over here is really a weird combination of people that i never knew i would meet and be close to.

Kong - a singaporean ah beng with gold hair and goes vegetarian every 1st and 15thday of the lunar calender and has a super duper grasp of Hokkien.
Gi - a Laotian super gangster who has tattoos all over and gone through all the shit in life
Siaw - a Malaysian uncle from cebu, highly temperamental and a super glutton.
Siew wai - a Malaysian hard-core-clubber who LOVES Ecstasy and has a weird relationship with his ex girlfriend
Baby - a blur Singaporean butch (her blurness is astonishing)who has sexual fantasies with Charmaine Harn
Ah Hoon - a super hard core Christian that gets high distinctions all the time at the same time providing me with an unbelievable amount of entertainment
Yvvone - a Singaporean girl with loads of complexity and split personalities. (she's gone back spore already)
and of course my good old Bobo who has always been there for me.

More weirdos but it will be too much to be listed here.

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Date:2002-09-27 02:24
Subject:moody moody i want to be a brooding poet

troubled, melancholic and infuriatingly unpredictable.

shit man, im in one of those shitty moods again when ciggies seem especially enjoyable and i cant get out of this thick layer of depression surrounding me. hate it hate it. i want mangoes.

'Men - ungrateful and never satisfied.
When you don't have them they hate you because you won't;
and when you do have them they hate you again, for some other reason.
Or for no reason at all, except that they are discontented children,
and can't be satisfied whatever they get, let a woman do what she may.'

- lady chatterley's lover
-- d.h. lawrence

I think I should be a fag hag.

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Date:2002-09-21 18:12
Subject:the timeline of my life

when you are young, you think you have all the time of your life. you have endless youth, endless energy, endless oomph of your life- sigh, the immortality of youth, the magnificence of being young. this is where i am now in the timeline of my life. but i see that i am approaching the stage where i am beginning to realise there are not many useful years left. beginning to realise being young and ignorant do have a limit.

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Date:2002-09-21 04:42

its such a different experience all over again after watching bishonen again after so many years. its just so heart breaking that my heart is still aching now. probably after i know so much more and feel so much more for them. its such a pain in the ass knowing how much the society judges you and so much more pain when your loved ones judge you. you need so much courage to let yourself out knowing that you will be even more vulnerable to judgements and scrutinising. some people survive but some dont - like sam. he is such a tragic character. sigh.

Love yourself and choose a path that you feel most comfortable with.
Be free spirited. You only live once.
Love is regardless of age, race, appearance... Love is also regardless of sex.
Love is glorious, Love is splendid.
Embrace Love.

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Date:2002-09-18 01:14
Subject:ALIENS ATTACK!!!!!

Sw the strangest sighting in my whole life today.

after watching XXX, i was driving home with Ian on the freeway going to turn into his estate when we saw this fleet of orange lights moving rather slowly across the clear sky. cos its cloudless that makes it even more obvious. at first we tot it was just planes from his nearby airbase. but it was travelling too close together in a grp that it couldnt be planes and there is no flickering lights to indicate that its a plane. its like giant fireflies kind of feeling. then when we reached home it just flew over his hse and we just watched with our mouths wide opened as the orange lights diminished one by one.

aiyooooooooooooooooo i tell you its the ALIENSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

making a home visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a routine check!!!!!!!!!!!


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